Profile of Aboobacker Amani

Freelance Journalist, Travel Writer, Scholar

Full name: Muhammed Aboobacker PK
Place of Birth: Vettichira, MalappuramKL, India

Place of Living: Madavoor,Calicut , KL, India

Languages: English, Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi

Family: His father is P.K Abdul Azeez Madani, M.C Nafeesa is his mother. MA Swalih P.K and Musfra is his brothers

Education: Degree and Post Graduate in Islamic Studies and Doing BA at UOC and Research for Ph.D at BSAU and IIUM

Degree titles: Amani (MFA), Saquafi (MKS)
Alma matter: Al Maquar, Markaz
Organization: he held: TARCO (founder)
Famous books: O Allah Protect GAZA! , Yen and Family planning, the Area Scaling of LN

Short description:Freelance journalist, travel writer and islamic scholar. he is held many positions in deferent charitable,
realif and educational orzanizations and he is also a Business man.


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