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profile pictureAboobacker Amani is a distinguished Islamic scholar and reformer of Modern Era, and he is a graduate of the Islamic Seminaries of Jamia al-Maquar and post graduate of Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniyya and has also both a BA from the University of Calicut. He is studied under Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed of Jamia Markaz and Sheikh Hamza Ahmed of Jamia al-Maquar, Kerala. Amani has also been actively participating in social activities and set up welfare centers, trusts, societies and educational and cultural organisations in Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Name Aboobacker Amani (Muhammed Aboobacker Amani Kamili PK)
Username /aboobackeramani
Father’s Name Abdul Azeez Madani
Mother’s Name Nafeesa MC
Date of Birth 09/05/2020
Birth Place Malappuram District
Maritial Status No
Relatives One brother and one sister
State Name Kerala
Permanent Address Kizhakkayil Meethal, Madavoor, Calicut(Kozhikode), Kerala, India - 673585
Email id ,
Educational Qualifications Graduate and PG in Theology
Profession CEO of Worldona
Positions Held Founder of Worldona, Chairman of Mehrauli HRC and Quba edu. trust, Kozhikode
Books Published
MY 100 GOALS - To Do Before I Die
the 100 goals of aboobacker amani
Written by: Aboobacker Amani
Published by: Office of Aboobacker Amanai
Date Published: 06/05/2020
Edition: 1st
Available in: Ebook
Organization Quba Edu. Trust
Religion Sunni-Islam (Ash’ari), Shafi
Alma mater Jamia al-Maquar, Jamiar Markaz.
Occupation Islamic Scholar, Writer, Journalist and Social Worker
Title Amani, Kamil Saquafi
Call +919495008838
Era Modern
Main interests History

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